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Corporate Aspects of Trading and Investing Spain

This is a brief and simplified explanation of the ways of introduction to the Spanish Market.

Labour Relations - Spain

In recent times the Spanish labour law has been amended on a very important way many times.

Transfer Pricing – Spain


Alfonsea advises clients on the choice of the most suitable corporate form for carrying on their economic activity, and in drawing up the Articles of Association, regime for the transfer of shares, and shareholders’ agreements.
Clients are also advised in cases of conflicts between shareholders, and if the client so requests the firm can undertake to represent them in seeking an amicable resolution of the conflict.


In an increasingly globalised world, with a large number of transactions that go beyond national borders, there are numerous situations every day that affect international taxation, such as the internationalisation of businesses (with and without physical presence), changes in legal residence, or the diversification of asset investments.


Since 2009, with the appearance of the requirement of documenting related-party transactions, the master file has become one of companies’ most burdensome administrative requirements.
At Alfonsea, not only do we help you document all of your transactions properly, but…


We have over 20 years of experience in preparing expert reports on financial and accounting issues, whether at a party’s request or by court assignment.
We also collaborate with lawyers on the financial questions that affect their clients’ suits.


It’s normal to appraise companies before corporate purchase transactions, but these aren’t the only situations when it can be useful to do so: inheritances, mergers, capitalisations, or tax issues are some of the reasons that can lead to the need for an appraisal.


In acquiring companies, it’s normal to do due diligence before making the decision to do business, in order to find out details about the company, to find out and reduce risks and to find out about hazards or hidden assets that can’t be detected without a process being performed by experts.


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