Our solutions for Middle Market companies and for small and medium entities (SMEs)

There is no doubt that medium and small companies are and will be the backbone of the European economy. There are more than 20 million medium and small companies in Europe, which have particularly contributed to the generation of revenue, employment, innovation and new technologies.

Alfonsea is these companies’ “trusted advisor” to develop their projects. We adopt an entrepreneurial and innovating spirit in all we do. We commit to work to provide support, preserve and improve everything created by them.

Our approach is personal. Every company is unique, and thus is treated by us. We assess opportunities in a realistic manner, and propose sensible solutions, taking into consideration each company’s own business and needs.

Our expertise and experience at the service of your needs
International development, sustainability, financing, succession, growth, competition; Middle Market companies and SMEs have to face many challenges.

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Our proposal of services and solutions responds to your challenges and needs